Like Garfield And Odie: Why Do Cats And Dogs Annoy Each Other?


Like the classic (and humourous) example of Garfield and Odie, cats and dogs often annoy each other and many pet owners need to find ways to make everyday life easier for both pets. Often when you buy pets buying a kitten and puppy at the same time makes the transition easier. It gives them an equal start because they have not had any negative experiences with each other.

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Traveling With Kittens


Christmas has come and gone and many of you have received a number of great presents.  One of the greatest presents you can give your loved one is the warm companionship of a kitten.  But the one thing they didn’t think about was how will you get the kitten home?  How are you going to travel with a cat?  Luckily there is a number of cat travelling accessories that will make your trip easier on everyone.  

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Cats At Christmas


Any cat owner will know that Christmas throws up all sorts of opportunities for misbehaviour. I was dreading the annual ritual of putting up and decorating my tree. This action normally results in my little darlings attacking the baubles, smashing the decorations and eating the ribbons not to mention pulling the tree over. This year, however, they have discovered new ways to wreak havoc.

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How To Stop Cats From Scratching Wooden Furniture


Although cats can make loving and affectionate pets, if you have a cat, you may already know how destructive they can be. Cats love to scratch, and this behavior can wreak havoc on your wooden furniture. However, the good news is that there are many ways that can help you deter your feline friend from destroying your furnishings.

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Treating Your Diabetic Cat


Diabetes is a disease common enough among humans that most of us are at least vaguely familiar with it, but you may be surprised to know that cats can also suffer from the illness. Besides putting them at constant risk of the potentially fatal consequences of the disease, a lack of treatment in diabetic cats is no different than a lack of treatment in diabetic humans: sickness and a shortened lifespan are guaranteed.

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Exercise Routine for Your Cat


Given that they can often sleep for up to 20 hours per day, it’s no surprise that domesticated cats are often chubby creatures. While a few extra pounds on a cat may be endearing and extra cuddly, they can also serve to make your feline friend unhealthy, potentially even shortening its lifespan!

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Homemade Meals for Obese Cats


Sleeping all day and eating what you like is a recipe for fitness disaster, and this fact applies to humans and cats equally, as evidenced by the many obese specimens of each that reside around the world! Unfortunately, being overweight can lead to a shortened life that holds less quality for a cat, and that means that you’ll need to take things into your own hands – and your own kitchen – if you want to help your feline friend to get into healthier shape.

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One Cat Or Two?


Cat owners will often tell you that owning a cat is like having a teenager in the house: you feed it; it comes and goes when it pleases; sometimes it wants to spend time with you and other times it has far better things to do. It is also not usually pleased when it has to be groomed.  However, you can’t help but love them and their little personality quirks and when you do get some fuss from them it feels hard won and well worth the effort.

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The 4 Best Apps For Cats


Technology has come a long way over the last few years, and it’s no longer something only used by humans. Animals can also benefit from the use of technology, and many smartphone and/or tablet owners are realizing the many benefits in using apps for their cats. If you’re a cat owner, make sure to check out (and use) the following four apps for your feline friend.

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