The Causes of Obesity in Cats and Cat Weight Loss Solutions

Around 25% cats are clinically proven to be obese. Obesity in cats is defined as excessive formation of fat in the cat’s body. Taking care of obesity in cats is quite important because it can take a toll on the life span of a cat. It can even result in skin disorders, heart diseases, fatty liver disease, arthritis, low urinary tract disease, cancer and diabetes in cats. It is to be noted that Cat Weight Loss is of good help in regulating blood sugar while eliminating or decreasing the requirement of insulin.

Cat Weight Loss cat weight lossCauses of Obesity in Cats

Ageing procedure is one of the main causes of obesity in cats. Age has a certain effect on body weight. The dogs and the cats aged less than two years are not over weight. As the age of a cat increases, there is an increase in weight problems as well. Genetics and breed also have an influence on the body weight of a cat. Mixed breed cats are at an increased risk of suffering from weight issues in comparison to the pure breed cats.

Three Ways that Can Help Cats Lose Weight

Some of the most effective methods that can help cats in losing body weight are as follows:

Controlling Fat and Calories

Cat owners should make it a point to feed their cats meta-based, highly digestible foods. Highly digestible foods given along with meat serve as great sources of protein and they can be of good help in preventing weight gain. It is also important for cat owners to increase the amount of raw and canned foods in the daily diet for their cats. Feeding raw and canned foods can help a cat in losing weight very quickly. A ratio of 50% dry food and 50% wet foods also tends to work very well. However, 25% wet food can turn out to be more beneficial for weight loss in cats. You can even feed different varieties of dry food specifically formulated for helping cats lose weight. Such foods contain nutrients in adequate levels and they limit fat and calories.

Play More

It is extremely important for you to play with your cat for minimum the minutes on a regular basis. This should be done four times during the day. It helps by providing adequate movement to the cat’s body which in turn helps the cat in losing a considerable amount of weight. Try creating games and even schedule the periods of play. Cats are fond of mice laser games and they even love bird toys that dangle. There are various other games that can be played for enhancing the hunting instincts in cats. You can even make your cat walk on a harness.

Create an Enriching Environment

Creating an enriching environment means making the house more cat-friendly. This helps in increasing activity and decreasing stress levels in cats. You can always add some new things to your house. Tubes from paper towels, toilet paper rolls, empty paper bags and empty boxes are enjoyable for the cats. You can even try adding litter boxes, water bowls, scratching posts, grooming sessions and cat trees.

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